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Leadership at Pineview Baptist Church

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Marlon Brown

Senior Pastor

Marlon came to Pineview as the Senior Pastor in July of 2021. He and his wife Amy have three children: Cara, Will, and Lydia. He has served in pastoral ministry since 2006. "My heart as a pastor is to connect God's people with His Word, helping them to know Him more intimately and experience His life-changing power more deeply."


Greg Clardy

Interim Worship Leader



Tommy Wilcox

Student Pastor

 Tommy became a part of the pastoral staff in June of 2023. one week after he and his wife Emily were married! He has served in student ministry since 2019. “My goal is to create a culture of discipleship that raises up the next generation of pastors, deacons, worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, and church leaders.”


Charity Rotton

Administrative Assistant 

Charity is a vital part of the day to day operations of the church. She works very hard to make sure the church has what it needs in all things administration! She has a great attitude and shows Jesus to everyone that comes in the church office!

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