John Brooks

John Brooks
Student Minister



Married in 2010 to my beautiful wife, Amy. We have beautiful twin girls: Lainey Elizabeth and Paisley Ann.

My favorite character in the Bible is:

I’m happiest when:
I’m with family at Christmas, and playing on the floor with my girls.

My favorite apps:
Weather, CBS Sports Fantasy Football, Yahoo Fantasy Football, Sports Center

Favorite book:
Seriously, I have to read so many books for school recently that my brain is scrambled. I would have to say Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make by Hans Finzel.

My last meal would be:
Steak and potato, Mac ‘n Cheese, or Mexican food

The team I cheer for is:
Tennessee Vols, Titans, Nashville Predators

My pet peeve is:
Slow left lane drivers especially multiple trucks trying to pass but not passing.

My favorite TV show is:
NCIS (All series)

Three people I would want to meet:
Peyton Manning, “Gibbs” (Mark Harmon), Gordon Ramsey or Bobby Flay

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